Self Love: Ways to Practice & How do I Learn to Love Myself

How I learn to love myself

Self Love Meaning- Loving yourself is not as difficult as you think. I know, The idea of loving yourself might sound a little cheesy, but, it’s important. If I ask you do you love yourself then your answer will be yes. But let me tell you that if you do not love yourself. I always used to think that from myself. But as I grew up, I realized that I never really loved myself. Loving yourself means thinking about yourself first, and accepting yourself as you are, but we always compare ourselves with others.

Way to Practice SelfLove-

Feel Yourself

Let me tell you an easy way to understand yourself. Although it is also a bit difficult. Turn off the TV and unplug from social media for 15 minutes to get centered while moisturizing your skin with intention. As you massage your feet, thank them for getting you to where you need to go. This method will bring you closer to yourself. Will make you realize how precious life is. You are beautiful from the heart, but the face is just the upper color and texture.

Make a list-

Truly loving yourself comes from self-acceptance. And a helpful step toward reaching that point of self-acceptance is to identify what you already have by writing a “what’s working for me” list. Once you see this on paper and acknowledge all the positives in your life, it will be even easier to love yourself. With this, you slowly learn to know yourself more. And also understand that there is so much for you to do in life, so why despair?

Stop comparing-

Comparison is like poison to self love. And we aren’t usually very nice when it comes to comparisons, right? Instead, we take our greatest flaws and compare them to someone else’s greatest success. In short, you’re doomed to fail. And this is one of the biggest reasons for not loving yourself.

Instead, realize that you write your story. Realize that you can’t compare your life to someone else’s because no matter how well you know them, you never know how they feel or how they perceive their life. Instead, spend your time and energy to nourish and build your path.

Focus on being someone who loves

If you’re in a place today where you don’t love yourself, Instead of loving yourself, focus on being someone who loves (self love). That is, allow love to flow through you as often as possible. Focus on what you love about the people you meet. Focus on what you appreciate while going to the store, sitting in a meeting, or speaking to someone. Simply, adjust your body to positive emotions by finding as many things to love and appreciate as possible.

How I learn to love myself

How I learn to love myself

It’s All thanks to BTS. If you haven’t heard of BTS yet, it’s a prime time to get familiar—because the seven-member South Korean boy band has skyrocketed to the top of the music world since their debut in 2013. In the seven years since they came on the music scene, BTS’s list of accomplishments is ever-growing. They are the first K-pop band to top the U.S. album charts, according to the BBC, and their star power doesn’t stop there. The group has already won major accolades at the American Music Awards, MTV Video Music Awards, Billboard Music Awards, and South Korea’s Melon Music Awards. In addition, the group became the first Korean act to perform at the Grammys when they lent their star power to the awards show in January 2020, joining Lil Nas X for a performance of “Old Town Road.”

Through their music. Constantly encouraging their fans to love themselves, no matter how they look or act. And not to be afraid of people’s judgment. Their lyrics hold a lot of sentiments and emotions, which fans can feel. Countless people have said that BTS taught them a lot of good things. BTS put a lot of effort and continues to put effort into their music. They try to reach out to people through their music and help them. They also try their best to love themselves too, because they know they’re not perfect.

BTS made me realize that my failures do not define who I am. I’ve never been vocal about my emotions so for me to have seven people who sing exactly what I feel truly helps me understand myself and find new ways to evolve. BTS inspires me to love myself without feeling ashamed.

Ways to Love Yourself by BTS

Not comparing Yourself to Others By. SUGA– One of the easiest and fastest ways to make yourself unhappy is to compare yourself to others. I’m quite fine as is!
Finding something of my own while doing what you want to do By. j-hope- Looking for what you like to do, and discovering and developing within it something special for yourself – isn’t that the way to truly love yourself?
Telling myself that I’m doing well and that I love myself By. RM- This is the starting point of LOVE MYSELF according to RM. RM says that he talks to and comforts himself every day. You may be a little shy at first, but why don’t you send these words of encouragement to yourself: “I’m doing well, I love myself!”
Discovering myself while reading books By. j-hope- Have you read the book Living, Loving & Learning that J-hope recommended on V Live? The book is about how important it is to love yourself. Reading a book that suits you well and taking the time to discover yourself is another great way to love yourself.

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