Living Room Decor Ideas to Suit Every Style

Living Room Decor Ideas to Suit Every Style - zealstyle.comThe living room is a very important part of the house. Sometimes all a living room needs is that one item that can completely change the vibe of a space. If we talk about decorating the house, then you should first think about the decoration of the living room, I always imagine a simple living room. But with time the ways of decorating the house are changing. And the choice of people has also changed. If the world is to be modern then the house should also be like that. We cannot mention the decoration of the whole house in one article, so today we will first talk about the living room.

Here’s a curated list of home decor ideas for the living room that looks as well as works well.

Living Room Decor Ideas-

Ceiling Centrepiece


Lighting is a simple yet intelligent way of adding a bit of glam to your living room home decor and a chandelier-style light makes for one bold statement. Dramatic lights like these work well with false ceilings and can be the much-needed spruce-up that your living room needs. If chandeliers are not your style you can always opt for modern lighting to make it work for your space.

Quick Tips

‘You want a living room to feel welcoming, so choosing a color that flatters the room’s natural light is a must, and if it’s north-facing, ensure there is a hint of warmth in the color you choose,

Garden Touch

garden in livingroom design idea

A classic floral chintz pattern was used here for both the curtains and the armchairs. Chalky green walls and botanical-themed accessories, like the prints around the fireplace and even a branch under the coffee table, complete the garden effect. The shades and lamps also add a natural element. Along with this, the windows in this room give fresh natural air, which further enhances the beauty of this room. But with this, it is not right to have so many things in the room, so you can make more changes according to your Choice.

Mix-Match Fabric Choice

mix match fabric decoration idea

The designer set the room’s happy mood with a bright color palette of pink, turquoise, and chartreuse. A base of whites and neutrals helps keep the space grounded.

Quick Tips

‘Choose low-slung, light-colored furniture; taller, darker pieces block and absorb light. The same goes for drapes: heavy, dark drapes will make a living room feel darker and smaller,

Black & White Touch

black and white color livingroom

Bold, geometric prints reign supreme in the artwork, fabrics, and floor covering of this livingroom. The soft neutral upholstery and wall color allow each piece to pop. At the same time, the limited color palette of the prints prevents the room from being overwhelmed.

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