Korean Skincare Routine 7 step Full Guide

Korean Skin Care Routine 7 step Full Guide -

Korean Skincare routine is popular all around the world. Have you ever wondered why Korean beauty and makeup is popular? Because of their glossy and clean skin, it’s popular. Have you ever thought about how Koreans have such beautiful, radiant, and well-toned skin? Their secret has now been revealed! After researching for endless hours on Korean skincare, I wanted to know what made this routine so magical and special. Especially if you’ve noticed certain Korean women’s skin, you’d think that there is some true magic behind their routine. The Korean skincare routine is used to effectively cleanse and nourish the skin without using products or methods that are harsh or disruptive to the skin’s natural protective barrier. Instead, these products and steps ensure you are not over-drying your skin.

Korean beauty products aren’t that expensive either, but not everyone has the means to get their hands on them. Also, sometimes people may be intimidated to try a product they are not familiar with. Well, I wanted to let you know that you can implement an excellent Korean skincare routine using products that you can find at the drugstore! here are skincare routine-

7 Steps – Korean Skincare Routine

Korean Skin Care Routine-

Before starting the Korean facial or using any kind of Korean product, conduct a patch test. If you have sensitive skin, apply the product to the back of your hand and wait for 24 hours. If you don’t see any reactions, you can start the Korean beauty –

  1. Oil Based Cleanser
  2. Foaming Cleanser
  3. Skin Toner
  4. serum
  5. Face Lotion
  6. Sheet Mask
  7. Sunscreen (Day Time Only)

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Oil-Based Cleanser-

Korean Skincare requires two types of cleansing processes. We can say this is the secret key they have glossy and beautiful skin. Oil is a very important element for your skin treatment, without drying out the skin. For example, if you’re using makeup wipes, ditch that step and go with a double cleanse instead. Makeup wipes simply do not remove makeup the same way a double cleanse does. However, a good oil cleanser will get the majority of your makeup off. Plus, makeup wipes are generally not good for the environment. And Also If you use so much makeup it is necessary to use an oil cleanser as a makeup remover. I am gonna tell you the best oil-based cleanser, If you’re dealing with blackheads and rough skin texture, you need a cleanser that does more than just remove makeup and impurities. This cleanser is very beneficial. Its…

Hanskin Pore Cleansing Oil [PHA]

Hanskin Pore Cleansing Oil [PHA] - best oil Cleanser - korean skin care

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Hanskin’s Pore Cleansing Oil – PHA is a 2-in-1 deep cleansing oil that purifies sensitive and reactive skin-gently exfoliating and melting makeup without disrupting skin’s natural balance. Hanskin Pore Cleansing Oil is specially formulated with polyhydroxy acids (PHAs), a gentle acid suitable for sensitive skin types, to lightly exfoliate and help keep blackheads and also dead skin cells at bay. Tea tree leaf oil also helps fight breakouts while jojoba oil and other extract hydrate skin. Add this cleanser to your daily routine for clearer skin.

Skincare Benefits

  • Removes makeup and clarifies pores.
  • It Helps gently remove dry and dead skin build-up without disrupting reactive skin.
  • Gentle enough for sensitive skin types
  • Protects against external irritants by reinforcing the moisture barrier.
  • Reveals calmer, brighter, more hydrated skin.

Foaming Cleanser-

After using makeup removing an oil-based cleanser, the next step is washing your face again. This time, use a foaming cleanser. This will remove any leftover residue and make sure your face is clean and free of any dirt or makeup. Also, doing this ensures the skin is cleansed of all impurities for a radiant and smooth appearance. It works by removing excess and unnecessary oil from the skin’s surface, preventing the formation of acne in the process. Foaming cleansers are a great alternative to using cream or milk cleansers, and for those of you, that prefer to wash their face with the use of water. The light fluffiness of a foaming cleanser, truly makes you feel as though your face is having a good old-fashioned clean.



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Ingrown-X-it Foaming Gel effectively minimizes the appearance of ingrown hairs, while calming and decongesting breakouts for the entire body and face. It protects the skin’s pH balance, leaving the skin feeling clean, soft, and smooth. The foaming gel comes in a pump top plastic container and the formula smells like a strong lemon and tea tree scent which initially is quite strong but fades. The gel is easy to pump out and you only need one pump for the whole body. It foams up gently and softly on the skin. Although containing salicylic acid, lemon tea tree, arnica, and calendula.

Skin Toner-

Toner is very beneficial for the face. It infuses skin with nutrients, balances pH, brightens tone, minimizes the appearance of enlarged pores, and boosts hydration. It helps pull out deeply rooted makeup residue, dead skin cells, and grime from the skin’s pores. This way, it helps make the absorption of other skin care products easy. Abd the best part is toner can be used regularly, preferably on a daily basis. Toner has a slew of benefits for the skin. So make sure you pick the one with only skin-friendly ingredients. For example, most toners have alcohol infused, which may leave your skin dry or stretched, so we recommend avoiding such formulations.

Beplain Chamomile PH-Balanced Toner

beplain chamomile ph-balanced toner - korean skin care routine

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The Beplain Chamomile pH-Balanced Toner is daily-use toner that nourishes and soothes the skin to improve its natural glow. The award-winning toner helps regulate optimum pH levels and adds long-lasting hydration. Its lightweight consistency allows it to be layered with any skincare product in your routine. This is a mild toner with 80.6% Chamomile flower extract that nourishes your skin with hydration and essential nutrients to help calm irritation. French Chamomile flower extract is also known for its regenerative properties as it soothes irritated skin, helps clear acne, and lightens dark spots or discoloration over time. The extract also nourishes the skin and adds a healthy glow to your skin. It is also free from synthetic dyes and fragrance making it suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin.


Face serum is a very important element for giving nutrition to your skin. Skin serums have become an essential step in any skincare routine and also have been proven to make a noticeable difference in how the skin looks and feels. Serums work in a slightly different way from regular moisturizers. They contain only a few concentrated actives and fewer additives like thickeners, emulsifiers, or oils, allowing the formula to absorb quickly and the actives to penetrate deeper delivering a high concentration of effective ingredients directly into the skin.

Dr.Different CEQ Anti-Oxidant Serum

Dr.Different CEQ Anti Oxidant Serum -

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This highly concentrated serum contains 15% L-Ascorbic acid at an optimum pH of 3.5, plus added stabilized vitamin C with vitamin E + ferulic acid and Ectoine to help reduce irritation. and inflammation from environmental pollution With a specific formula in the right proportion to increase the stability of vitamin C, it can be used again even if the color has changed. Another outstanding ingredient of the serum is fullerene, which is 171 times more potent in antioxidants than vitamin C, while also helping to reduce acne and pores in one. From testing in the lab, it was found that CEQ Serum can inhibit free radicals up to 89% and compared to other brands, it was found to be more effective in antioxidants.

Serum CEQ Anti-Oxidant Serum will focus on brightening, dull skin, and reducing early wrinkles. Protects skin from premature aging, and large pores and protects skin from pollution.

Face Lotion-

Face lotion help protect the skin barrier from irritation. According to dermatologists, it also aids in preventing the development of dry skin. A good lotion will protect your skin from cracking during harsh weather. Whether it’s the cold or hot weather, the frosty air or blazing heat, the hot showers you love, or frequent washing – these environmental factors can dry your skin and cause problems. Moisturizing the skin daily can counteract the effects of our everyday habits and the conditions in which we live and reduce the chances of developing skin problems. Dermatologists always encourage people to moisturize their face after washing. This is because the lotion traps that water in the skin, which is needed for your body to prevent dryness.

SCINIC The Simple Daily Lotion

SCINIC The Simple Daily Lotion

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The Simple Daily Lotion is a weakly acidic moisture at 5.5 pH. The emulsion gently keeps the skin’s oil and moisture balanced. The Simple Formula containing only essential ingredients soothes sensitive skin and makes skin healthy. It contains Nymphaea Alba Flower Extract and Madacassoside soothes and protects skin with weakly acidic gentle care.

Sheet Mask-

A sheet mask is made from a thin fabric (like cotton, rayon, gel, or foil) that is soaked with active ingredients and stored in an individual package. It is applied by lining up the mask’s holes with your eyes and mouth, and then smoothing it along the contours of your face. They are usually meant to be worn for 10 to 20 minutes — any longer than that can potentially parch the skin. 

MEDIHEAL Tea Tree Care Solution Essential Mask

MEDIHEAL Tea Tree Care Solution Essential Mask

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Sunscreen (Day Time Only)\

Skipping sunscreen during the daytime skincare routine is criminal, and we all know it. However, incorrect formulas that make our skin greasy are something. Applying sunscreen before going outdoors is very important for your skin. After all who likes red sunburn patches and uneven pigmentation? Sunscreen is one of the best and easiest ways to protect your health at any age. But have you ever thought about how much should sunscreen use to get sun protection skin? How much SPF to apply to protect your skin from harmful Uv rays?

How much is enough?

Need a quick conversion or a handy visual for how much sunscreen to put on your face? Try these on for size when slathering on the ‘screen.

.04 oz.
1/3 of a teaspoon
1–2 milliliters
1–2 grams
a finger (from tip to first finger crease)
enough to fill just the bottom of a shot glass
a nickel-sized dollop

Birch Juice Moisturizing Sun Cream SPF50+ PA++++

Round Lab - Birch Juice Moisturizing Sun Cream SPF50+ PA++++

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A moisturizing sunscreen protects your skin from harmful UV and replenishes and hydrates your skin. Protects skin from harmful UV rays (UVA, UVB, Bluelight) with SPF50+, and PA++++  The ROUND LAB Birch Juice Moisturizing Sun Cream is a chemical sunscreen that’s packed with minerals, plant extracts, and many other skin-nourishing ingredients. It’s so hydrating, in fact, that the brand describes it as a sunscreen and moisturizer in one.

That’s it for today. I hope You enjoyed today’s blog. I am just a learner. If you find any mistake and just comment to me freely. I would love to hear your opinion. That’s it for today!! If you find this article helpful please don’t forget to share my post and also follow me on Instagram @zeal_style for new updates.

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